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Armed with over a decade of running successful businesses, global marketing expert Katrina McCarter – a Fortune 100 corporate chief turned entrepreneur, international award-winning speaker and author – has helped hundreds of clients build businesses, reputations and visibility. With over 25 years’ experience, Katrina brings absolute clarity, outrageous confidence and true commercial success. She’s reached audiences of thousands across Europe, the US and Australia and is a five-time B&T Women in Media Awards finalist and 2021 Top 50 Small Business Leader. 

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“Our company recently engaged Katrina McCarter to speak at one of our live and in-person events, which was attended by over 350 business owners. I am pleased to say that Katrina’s presentation was extremely well received to the point where I can highly recommend Katrina to others. Her presentation was full of great content and plenty of practical examples. We will definitely be working with Katrina again.”

Dale Beaumont, Founder, Business Blueprint


“Katrina delivered a highlight presentation to almost 500 delegates at our Look Forward Conference in October, educating our audience of optometrists and their teams to better understand Gen Y and Gen Z in order to attract, engage and delight these future eyecare consumers. As always, Katrina’s delivery landed perfectly. She managed to simplify complex ideas through an easy to follow structure, providing practical strategies and advice for implementation now and in the future. This keynote attracted a 5 star rating from attendees and as a result of the interest in this topic, we have scheduled full day generational marketing face to face education sessions for our members with Katrina in 2023.”

Sarah O’Connor, Marketing Manager, ProVision


“When I met Katrina I was very confused and stuck. I lacked the self-confidence to realise my dreams and was holding back in my career. In just one session Katrina wrapped her head around my work and life history, my personal goals and business objectives. I left our first session with laser focus and highly motivated, returning the following week with a clear vision and a 3 year plan. Katrina is level headed, supportive, engaging and encouraging. She challenges me to think outside my safe zone and to trust myself. Katrina focuses my energy in the right direction. Having Katrina on my side gives me the confidence to achieve the things I desire the most and allows me to fulfil my goal of helping others.”

Jackie Scott, Founder, Rise

 i don’t believe in business as usual. i want you to be bold, authentic – and different to everyone else 


After 2021 banged me around—a pandemic, death of a family member, a child’s mental health problems, the end of my long marriage—I needed ways to rebuild. For inspiration, I looked back to one of my happiest times—childhood—and realised learning to play again was key to creating new personal and professional worlds. I started saying yes to fun, took up adventure hiking, learned to boogie board. I played hard. And … I got great results, in all aspects of my life.

I’m not alone. Research shows the benefits of play include productivity and creativity, improved mental and physical health and better relationships. One study linked it to reducing serious health issues like coronary heart disease, and play has been shown to release endorphins, improve brain functionality and memory, reduce stress and keep us feeling young. Who doesn’t want that? In 2023—through coaching, speaking and programs—I’m focusing on play in life and business. I want to convince you that you should be too. Let’s play.