My career has seen me do a ton of stuff I’ve loved. Running my own businesses, writing books, speaking on global stages, leading $140 million business. But my latest obsession—I really want to call it that—is being a Business Wingwoman.

It’s not just me who loves sharing what I know as a coach and mentor. Last year the ABS analysed census data to find 544,978 Australians list their primary occupation as ‘business coach’, now outnumbering the 521,235 business owners, according to the ABS’s Simon Tyson.

That means if you’re a biz owner looking for fresh eyes on what you’re doing, new motivation, insider strategies, you need to choose wisely. That’s a personal choice based on homework and instinct about whether you’re a good fit with your Business Wingwoman.

If you’re thinking of investing time and money into a coach, your due diligence should include asking their experience, credentials, track record, work process. For example, mine includes being a successful entrepreneur with an MBA and experience as a Fortune 100 company leader. After studying and building businesses for over three decades, I have a depth of knowledge and versatility most business coaches don’t.

What I would tell you is I honed my commercial skills working for key brands in sales and marketing including Arnott’s Biscuits and Mars Incorporated. I capital raised to launch my first business which I successfully sold in 2016 and have built two further businesses and a global reputation. Where I shine is marketing strategy, understanding your customer and harnessing the power of partnerships and collaborations.

I’ve worked with hundreds of small business owners and entrepreneurs across Australia. As a small business owner myself, I understand the pain points and know what levers to pull at each stage of business. I’ve been recognised by B&T Women in Media Awards finalist five times and was named in the 2021 Top 50 Small Business Leaders by Inside Small Business.

And I’m a prolific researcher. In fact, one of my businesses is a research and marketing consultancy so I understand the value of data backed insights to build a business. I undertake annual research looking at Australian consumer behaviour. I also invest enormous amounts of time reading global research reports. Expect that anything I recommend to you will be backed with data and evidence of success.

How every coach or Business Wingwoman works is different. My process starts with getting super clear on your objectives and all our work revolves around delivering those. They provide the reference point of the work and we measure our success against that commercial focus.

Again, coaching is a big investment in terms of time and money. Ask a prospective Business Wingwoman what that investment gets them. My answer would be that with me you’re buying confidence as well as bespoke blueprints to hitting targets and smashing goals. I’m pragmatic, versatile, experienced, I give access to the lessons of my lived experience.

And I never sugar coat. This is important—check your prospective Business Wingwoman’s style, especially if feedback is tough for you to hear and implement. My MO is that as your coach, we’re in partnership together. You’ll be held accountable, supported and guided until you have clarity, confidence and commercial outcomes.

Of course, all our conversations are confidential. I recognise the value of having that safe place to discuss what’s really going on in your business. I can help integrate your work and home life so you can experience real joy.

If you were sounding me out as a prospective Business Wingwoman, I would say people choose to work with me because I see things differently. I’m able to bring a new set of eyes to a challenge and share new, creative solutions to help you realise opportunities. I help you develop a path forward.

Maybe 2023 is your year to explore how a Business Wingwoman could transform your business (and life.) Reach out if you’re ready—or just curious.