Hello, I’m Katrina McCarter.


In 2010 I had a strong corporate background, three small kids, one big mortgage and even bigger dreams. I wanted to create and run my own business but was scared to take the leap. Then one day I was playing cards with girlfriends and they were all banging on about great shopping deals—massages, towels, hair products—on group buying sites like Scoopon which has just arrived in Australia.

I checked them out and realised nobody was catering for the family market. It was my lightbulb moment and I took the entrepreneurial plunge. Six months later, I launched online site Bubbler, dedicated to helping mums source the best shopping deals and experiences. It went gangbusters. I secured incredible partners, won awards and grew it to a community of 150,000 before selling it in 2016.

My experience gave me huge insights and knowledge into the buying behaviour and communication preferences of Mums. Making sure their power was seen by the global marketing community became my professional passion. In late 2015 I launched my marketing and research consulting business, Marketing to Mums (or Marketing to Moms depending on where you live.) 

I specialise in helping brands drive sales and profit within the misunderstood, misrepresented and undervalued Mum market. I passionately believe there is a new way to communicate and sell to mothers, and I help businesses improve their sales in this powerful consumer segment.

More than a decade after the life-changing card game, I now have three businesses. I’m an award-winning international speaker, best-selling author, marketing strategist with global recognition.

And while my eldest is now an adult, my surprise babies have been my books. In 2016 I wrote Marketing to Mums: How to Sell More to Australia’s Most Powerful Consumer. It gave small business owners an eight-step framework to improve their sales to Mums and went to #1 on Booktopia’s Business Bestseller list.

It led to invitations to speak at conferences and events in Paris, New York and all over Australia, where I won awards and had the best time. I followed up the first book in 2019 with a second bestseller, The Mother of All Opportunities.

Along the way, I realised the other underpinning of my life—partnerships, with my husband, mum, friends, family—was also the key to business success. So I launched Partnerships Mastery to teach the strategies and frameworks to what is the best, fastest and most low cost way to rocket your business.

I’m grateful to be able to combine my most fabulous, fulfilling, frustrating personal achievements—motherhood and partnerships—with my business directions. Both are more than a money maker for me, they are an endless source of pride and commitment because of their power on so many levels.

Can you relate? Come up and introduce yourself if you see me at an event, or connect with me on LinkedIn here.