Exciting Announcement


Many of you have asked me what comes next after completing the OUT LOUD Marketing Partnerships program? You’ve expressed that you’d like to keep up your marketing partnerships focus and continue your momentum, you want some further support and accountability and many have mentioned you’d like to learn more about business and marketing strategies you could be implementing into your business.


Enter……….. the Business, Marketing and Partnerships Club with Katrina McCarter

This club is exclusively for clients I’ve previously worked with on marketing partnerships. It’s an intimate group of business owners and entrepreneurs who all understand that we create our opportunities through strategic marketing and partnerships.


The Business, Marketing and Partnerships Club with Katrina McCarter consists of:


  • A Monthly Masterclass on a business, marketing or partnerships topic
  • A Monthly Challenge designed to get you implementing and applying your learnings immediately into your business
  • An Ask Me Anything session (the perfect opportunity to gain feedback on your monthly challenge task)
  • A separate closed Facebook group where you can ask the group questions and seek support from other club members


By joining now you will:

  • Gain support, accountability and learnings to help you achieve your business objectives
  • Enjoy the Foundation Member rate of $99 per month for as long as you remain a financial member (limited to the first 10 people who join the Club)
  • Help choose our theme topic for the month including the Masterclass and Challenge so you get want you need most


Our first month focus is on Podcasting

Monthly Masterclass: Everything you need to know to grow your profile and gain clients through podcasting as a guest or podcast host


Challenge: Creating your Podcast Flyer to guest on other people’s podcast shows (I’ll share mine and show other examples so you can create yours)


Expert Interview: I’ve recorded a special interview with the Head of Podcasts from Mamamia (it’s a separate interview from my Marketing to Mums podcast specifically created for this group)


Our second month focus is on Partnerships 

Monthly Masterclass: Partnerships for Good: I’ll share some incredible partnership inspiration from around the world including some of the International Gerety Awards finalists


Challenge: Creating your 2021 Partnership Plan 


Expert Interview: This one is a surprise


From month 3 onwards, I’ll be looking for your feedback about what you need most across business, marketing and partnerships. 


The Business, Marketing and Partnerships Club with Katrina McCarter will be priced at $199 + GST per month however I am reducing the price to only $99 + GST per month for the first 10 members who join as Foundation Club Members. 


We kick off in the first week of November. Would you like to join us?

If you are sitting on the fence, I offer a 30 Day money back guarantee. If you feel that after participating in all elements of the program over a month, that it is not for you, I will happily refund you the $99 investment you have made. 


I’ve love to see you continue your momentum and gain further business support to create incredible opportunities for your business. 


Got questions? Email me at katrina@katrinamccarter.com