Is it time to invest in your business and its future success?

Katrina McCarter’s Business Program gives you unprecedented one-on-one access to everything I’ve learned over decades as a Fortune 100 team leader and successful entrepreneur with an MBA, multiple marketing and speaking awards and deep experience. Working as a team, we deeply research your customers to spark new product and service ideas and income streams. We set a strategy which is actioned in four 90-day sprints. You’re kept accountable until the finish line, when we celebrate your wins and work out how to do better, faster, next time.

The five-step program gives you a fresh pair of eyes, safe pair of hands and proven framework. A trusted partner to defuse frustrations and create a success blueprint. This is not a group workshop. It’s all about you and your unique vision and challenges




I have a long, proven track record creating sales and marketing success for global companies and my own three successful businesses. I’m experienced, pragmatic and have deep versatility and knowledge. I hold you accountable, support and guide you until you have absolute clarity, outrageous confidence and true commercial outcomes.



I have a depth of knowledge and versatility that most business and marketing strategists don’t. Business is one of my big loves. I’ve been studying and building businesses for over three decades. I have a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and a Masters of Business Administration in International Business (enjoying study in Asia as part of this.) I honed my commercial skills working in sales and marketing for key brands including Arnott’s Biscuits, Pal and Whiskas. I capital raised to launch my first business which I successfully sold in 2016 and have built a further two businesses and a global reputation. Where I shine is in my data-backed approach to marketing strategy that creates visibility, reputation and results.



I’ve worked with hundreds of small business owners, entrepreneurs, membership organisations and associations across Australia. As a small business owner myself, I understand the pain points and what levers to pull at each stage of business. I’ve been recognised by B&T’s Women in Media Awards five years running and was named in the 2021 Top 50 Small Business Leaders by Inside Small Business. My mission is to share my knowledge via Katrina McCarter’s Business Program.



I’m a prolific researcher. One of my businesses is a research and marketing consultancy. I know data backed insights are the secret ingredient to building a business. I undertake annual research looking at Australian consumer behaviour and invest enormous amounts of time reading global research reports. The program kicks off with deep research which will be the foundation of the bespoke blueprint created for your business goals.



People choose to work with me because I see things differently. I bring a fresh set of eyes and safe pair of hands to building reliable business strategies and frameworks that provide clarity and a path forward.


Are you ready to invest in your future success? Download the no-obligation brochure for Katrina McCarter’s Business Program here as your starting point. You’ll find out if you’re the right fit for the global program, if you share the same frustrations as other program participants and the exact five steps we take together.

some of the clients i have worked with



“Since I started working with Katrina in 2020, my revenue has increased 79% with a zero advertising and marketing spend. She’s shown me the value of research. Of strategy. Of support that is a true exchange of energies and ideas that uplift me and my results. Of consistent, smart, targeted communications. Which is why I grabbed with both hands the opportunity to sign up for Katrina’s new Slow Sprint Project. I’m now busy working my way through my first 90 Day Sprint. I love the framework, the support and the energy Katrina brings. I can’t afford not to have her as my business wingwoman.”


Keryn Daley, Dive In Swimming Academy


“Katrina’s role as a consultant proved invaluable in PrezentBox’s first foray into market research and utilising the data to create our ongoing marketing strategy. Our objective was to pinpoint our target consumer and early adopter, understanding the reasons behind why they choose PrezentBox. This groundwork paved the way for a clear and concise marketing strategy for our platform. Despite a tight timeframe, Katrina seamlessly took on the project, conducting the necessary research and delivering key findings for the implementation of elements into our Christmas promotion.

Katrina collaborated closely with us, crafting a tailored strategy that highlights our innovative platform. Her infusion of fresh ideas and unique market insights provided a distinct perspective, guiding us in formulating a market strategy attuned to the mum consumer. Throughout the process, Katrina’s exceptional service shone, offering unwavering support while delivering direct feedback on aspects not yielding a return. Her candid approach made her feel like an integral part of our team.

Thanks to Katrina, we now possess the necessary tools and insights to drive our marketing strategy in 2024 and elevate our business. We express our gratitude for her professionalism, dedication, and insightful contributions.”

Dan Frkic, Founder, PrezentBox

“I bought Katrina’s book The Mother Of All Opportunities 5yrs ago and have followed her on LinkedIn since then. When MAMMA-MIYA was ready to initiate our global marketing strategy – after having had organic adoption in 115 countries – there was no one better I could think of to reach out to. She responded promptly and has been an incredible support since then.

She was absolutely committed that we should first run a survey to clearly identify our early adopters/ potentially most profitable customer. Although we were running against all odds in terms of time and budget for this, we trusted her to conduct this for us given her impressive research and marketing experience.

I cannot overstate what a valuable decision this was. We understood our organic user profile at a depth we might have otherwise completely missed. She then worked with us through 1-1 consulting sessions to more clearly articulate our marketing strategy for the year ahead – most of which were unique, original and low cost strategies. It changed the direction of our marketing channels/ messaging and will inform significant parts of our business decisions going forward.

Her depth of understanding of the subtleties of the mom consumer, combined with her strategic and data driven approach and her sincere, flexible and supportive work ethic make her the ideal person for any brands or businesses working in the mom space.” ’

Aashika Abraham, Founder, MAMMA-MIYA