I first learned about the power of partnerships whilst I was still in corporate. I was working for a leading FMCG brand and I was looking after a large supermarket account.  By working in conjunction with my buyer, understanding his limitations and capabilities we were able to jointly plan to secure additional marketing investment monies which saw both us far exceed our KPIs. We were both promoted.

I realised I was on to something.

It made sense that when I started my first business that I needed to collaborate with other businesses who shared the same audience as me but wasn’t in direct competition with my business. I knew we were stronger together.  It worked.  In fact, it was the key reason I was able to grow my business to a community of 150,000 mothers without ever spending more than $300 per month on marketing and advertising.

I believe partnerships are the fastest and lowest cost method to grow a business.

I am now sharing my partnership methodology with a small group of business owners and marketers who would like to learn how to position, negotiate and secure marketing partnerships to achieve your business objectives.

Interested in joining me?