Welcome to PARTNERSHIP MASTERY – the program which helps entrepreneurs and business owners identify and secure their marketing partnerships.

My name is Katrina McCarter and I love to work collaboratively to deliver win-win outcomes. I have 18 years sales and marketing experience and I am regularly engaged by brands to help them identify, pitch and negotiate marketing partnerships on their behalf.

In the past three years since setting up my marketing consultancy, Marketing to Mums, I’ve used partnerships to fund projects, position my business and get myself in front of my ideal clients. Specifically I have used marketing partnerships to:

  • Fund my first class editor for my first book (it went on to become #1 Business Best-Seller on Booktopia)
  • Cover all my distribution costs for the first year of my book sales (it saved me thousands)
  • Dress me for my speaking engagements
  • Position my business internationally
  • Distribute marketing collateral to my key target audience
  • Endorse my business
  • Sponsor my new podcast for the first twelve months

I want to help you embrace marketing partnerships in your business as I believe they are the fastest, low-cost way to grow your business.

I can highly recommend the Marketing Partnerships program run by Katrina. Learning from someone who has a proven track record and walks the talk is really important to me. Katrina is passionate, enthusiastic and a great mentor.”

Hunter Leonard


You are one marketing partnership away from the business success you desire. 

My new six week program is the ultimate ‘How To’ guide for your marketing partnerships. In this program I guide you through my partnership framework which I have been using for years to successfully identify and negotiate marketing partnerships in my own business. Think of this as your marketing partnership blueprint. I’ll share checklists, templates and scripts you will need to get started on negotiating your next marketing partnership.

The program kicks off on Wednesday 10th February 2021.

It will include:

  • 1 Weekly Masterclass (6 in total)
  • 3 Ask Me Anything group sessions with me
  • Be part of a closed Facebook Group for all my marketing partnership clients to share learnings and ask questions

This program is perfect if you are: 

  • An entrepreneur or business owner who is looking for a smarter, faster way to achieve their 2021 business goals
  • An entrepreneur or business owner who recognises the value of marketing partnerships but isn’t super clear on where to start
  • Seeking more leads and referrals to your business
  • Wanting to launch a book or podcast this year but still need the funds to make it happen or are seeking wider distribution
  • Wanting to launch a Speaking career
  • Already a podcaster and you want to secure a sponsor to keep going and cover your production and marketing costs
  • Already an author but you are looking for innovative ways to leverage your book for greater distribution or to launch your speaking career
  • Early-on in your Speaker career and are looking for ways to get in front of your ideal client

“Business starts and ends with people and that does not just mean customers. Partnerships are so important to growth of your business, knowledge, skills and opportunity, so invest in them as heavily as you would customers. And the best way to do that is through a proven program that has integrity, which is Katrina’s Partnership Mastery program.

Not only will Katrina arm you with knowledge, processes and templates, but her insight, support and her energy will provide all you need to take the step forward to success.

I can’t encourage you enough to have Katrina in your corner as you tackle building a partnership program and explore new opportunities. Even after the program I plan to continue to work with Katrina to ensure partners know we not only work with them, but they are also an extension of our business and how we work. We value them deeply.

So don’t think about working with Katrina… do it! There is only goodness in the right type of effort, which her program is.” 

Lisa Sisson

I invite you to step up in your business this year and learn how to enjoy the magic of marketing partnerships to achieve what you might currently feel is impossible. 

Interested? Please register your details below and I will call you within 24 hours to explore when my Partnership Mastery program is right for you.


Register your interest now in the Partnership Mastery Signature program equipping small business owners and entrepreneurs with the tools to successfully identify and secure their own marketing partnerships. 

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“OUT LOUD has open my eyes to a world of possibilities that l didn’t know existed. It has helped me understand how the corporate world worked in regards to joint venture partners and the value l can bring to them. OUT LOUD has given me the tools l needed to approach prospective partners with confidence and negotiate with them.

The one on one coaching sessions with Katrina were invaluable with unlocking all sorts of potential benefits that had never have occurred to me. I highly recommend doing the OUT LOUD course if you are looking to grow your business.”  

Andrea Felton

“If you have been thinking about growing solid foundations for your business, one of best ways of doing this is Marketing Partnerships. Katrina McCarter is a leader in this unique space of Marketing Partnerships sharing so much knowledge, experience and guidance.

I have found her “OUTLOUD Marketing Partnership Program” invaluable and cannot recommend her Program highly enough.”  

Louise Hallinan

“This has been the most worthwhile program that I have undertaken in my business journey.

I recently joined Katrina’s partnership program and have been eagerly working with Katrina for the past two months. By the end of our first mentoring session, I knew the program was going to be amazing and that Katrina was the right mentor for me. My business has taken a huge hit this year due to Covid and I have spent the down time participating in many professional development programs over the last six months, however Katrina’s partnership program has by far been the most beneficial and valuable. Katrina’s knowledge and encouragement is incredible and she has given me the tools and confidence to thrive in my business despite the current climate. I look forward to working with Katrina beyond her partnerships program and highly recommend connecting with Katrina if you’re looking to grow your business with partnerships and collaborations.”  

Alison Smith

“Katrina is a true leader when it comes to marketing partnerships and the opportunity to learn from, and be mentored by her, has been invaluable. 

I was lost in a sea of partnership opportunities. Katrina helped me get really clear on which partnerships to prioritise and how to structure them.

I’ve felt incredibly grateful to have her in my corner offering ideas, guidance on strategies, how to frame partnership conversations, as well as helping my realise my own value, which we can often underestimate as business owners. 

Having someone with Katrina’s experience, with a birds eye view of my business, personally guiding through the world of marketing partnerships has been amazing and I highly recommend her program to anyone wanting to grow their business through partnerships.”  

Zara D’Cotta

I couldn’t recommend highly enough Katrina McCarter’s marketing partnership programs. Whilst I had already been involved in this area for many years; the insights gained were invaluable. The framework presented – enveloped with rich practical examples – enables the participant to leave with a terrific, success-based system to readily implement. Significantly, the one-on-one sessions ensured a super personalised approach to meet your specific needs.”  

Ross Gage

“Katrina is a real partnership master. She was able to completely change my mindset about partnerships. I really like her pragmatic way to approach and implement partnership strategies. I can now say I did not really grasp partnerships before the programme. Now I get it and it has reframed a lot of business relationships in my business.”

Christelle Damiens

“Katrina provides exceptional value for money in this course. Everything you need to succeed at partnerships is provided in this easy to follow program. Its follows a step by step format and the recorded webinar classes enable you to go back, review and refine at your own pace. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to fast track partnerships for business success.”

Miriam Sandkulher

“Katrina, I am deeply grateful for all that you have taught me through this program. I feel like I have a clear sense of direction about where I want to take things, and how to determine which opportunities are a good fit. I really appreciated how you held me to account and on track, with laser-like focus on what I needed to do to achieve my goals. And you taught me how to value my work, seeing possibilities and connections that I would never have recognised. I have been raving about this program to others in my networks because it has had such a profound effect on my work (and I will continue to)! ”

Sarah Prime

“The marketing partnership program was precisely what I needed to provide me with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to organise marketing partnerships. Katrina’s partnership-first thinking is smart and strategic and her framework for marketing partnerships is an awesome tool. I loved hearing how Katrina has used marketing partnerships in her business as this sparked lots of ideas as to how I can use them in my own. The tools and templates shared within the program will also save me so much time for when it’s time to go and create my own. Having completed this program, I’m really looking forward to using marketing partnerships as a key marketing tactic for both my business and my clients. Thank you Katrina!”

Jane Hillsdon

Harvee Pene




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