Marketing With No Money

Hello and welcome to the Marketing With No Money podcast.  I’m your host Katrina McCarter – Business Coach, Author, Speaker and Australia’s leading marketing and partnerships strategist.  Right here on this podcast I’ll share my secrets to creating a profitable business with a zero marketing budget.  You in?  Let’s go.


Brand Story

In this episode Katrina talks about the power and influence of your Brand Story. It’s a fabulous asset for your business because no one else owns it. Katrina shares her best tips to make sure your brand storyconnects and engages with your desired audience.

customer experience

In this episode Katrina talks about how delivering an extraordinary customer experience will drive new client acquisition. This is one of Katrina’s favourite marketing with no money strategies she uses with her coaching clients. Time and again, she’s found that the more a business focuses on customer experience the greater the referral of new clients.

Podcast Guesting

In this episode Katrina shares her secret to growing her awareness and driving leads into her business – podcast guesting. She explains why being a guest on someone else’s podcast with the right audience can result in an influx of new leads and shares her tips to help you become an appealing and engaging guest.


In this episode Katrina shares research findings which highlight the power of testimonials and their ability to win you new business. She shares her tips on how to attract more testimonials and the best places to amplify your testimonials to maximum effect.

Be Bold

In this episode Katrina shares her personal story about the importance of being bold and taking inspired action and how it has been instrumental in her success as a business coach and award-winning marketing and partnerships strategist. She’ll challenge you to step outside your comfort zone and adopt a new mindset to take more chances and play the small probabilities.

Partnerships & collaborations

In this episode Katrina shares her superpower: partnerships. She highlights how she’s used partnerships and collaborations over the past decade to grow three businesses and transform the way she does business. She reveals what holds most small business owners back from successfully securing great partnerships and gives us her biggest tips to secure a meaningful partnership.


In this episode Katrina introduces the concept of storyselling – what it is and how to use it to maximum effect. She reveals how consumers have changed and how you need to adapt too. Katrina shares her best tips on how you can use storyselling to attract new customers and demonstrates why this strategy is such an effective way to market your business with no money.

Be Different

In this episode Katrina shares why you should be different. She explains why she believes it’s important to stand out and she shows you how to amplify your core differences to really connect and engage with your audience.


In this episode Katrina shines a light on the power of niching. Whilst it feels counter intuitive for many, Katrina believes narrowing your focus to a specific segment of the market is one of the most effective strategies a small business owner has to build a sustainable, profitable business.


In this episode Katrina shares one of her most effective small business marketing tips, growing your profile by entering awards. She’ll show you how to identify the most appropriate award for your business and how to leverage the entire award process to position your business and increase your brand profile.

Get More Media

In this episode Katrina highlights why every business owner should being seeking media on an ongoing basis. She’ll discuss what types of media you should be considering and share her best tips in approaching journalists. Getting more media is one of the most powerful ways to market your business with no money.

Surprise & Delight

In this episode Katrina shows us how surprise and delight can be used as an effective strategy to build rapport, strengthen rapport and gain loyalty. She’ll share lots of examples to get you thinking about how you can use this powerful strategy to market your business with no money.

Use A Quiz

In this episode Katrina talks about how lead generation has changed. She shares her thoughts about the effective use of a quiz to deliver true value to a prospective customer and allow you to start a relationship. She shares her personal experience in developing a quiz and shares her tips on building your own quiz to generate leads.