2021 could be the year you invest in yourself and make things happen.

But first, let’s work out if we’d be a good match.


I only work with people who are committed to changing and to creating opportunities for themselves. People who can get out of their own way and want specific, tailored guidance. If you’re not all in—if you don’t believe success is within reach if you are prepared to do the work—there are plenty of other great coaches out there for you.

If you want to make significant progress in your business and have a special wingwoman supporting you and helping you identify and unlock new opportunities, then I believe I’m just the mentor you have been looking for.

I’ve coached business owners and entrepreneurs around the world, on everything from how to run a successful business to my signature secret weapon, identifying and using partnerships to rocket your results. I’ve shared my strategies in a bestselling book, have spoken to audiences globally and helped hundreds of people work out what it is they want and how to get it.

In 2021, I want to accelerate your results and work one-on-one with entrepreneurs and small business owners to create a bespoke template for business confidence and success. I want to provide clarity, guidance, accountability and support so you can achieve what’s important to you.

I like to work with people for a minimum of six to twelve months. It allows me to really get to know you and understand your key skills which can be leveraged to better utilise your time and energy. The outcome is that together we can make magical progress and deliver meaningful change towards what’s really important to you in your business.

Again, it’s not for everyone. Before you commit your time and money, I’d love you to read what other clients and businesses have said about working with me. Do your due diligence via my websites and social media—in fact, that’s your first homework!

Ask yourself the question that I will: what is it you want and why aren’t you doing it?

Then if you decide you’re willing to go to the absolute line to learn how to create your ideal life and business, I want to be your personal wingwoman.

I first engaged Katrina to support me in an expanded role that included Marketing within my scope. As an accountant I quickly identified that I needed some expert help. Throughout my engagement with Katrina the relationship quickly developed far beyond marketing related content to include strategic executive coaching. That said, Katrina’s support specifically related to B2C marketing should not be understated: her knowledge of channels, products and strategy in this regard is both broad and deep. I particularly appreciated and benefitted from Katrina’s coaching style: energetic, enthusiastic, encouraging and challenging but always focussed on achieving the end goal or objective. I can’t thank Katrina enough for her support.

Nicholas Schijf

Chief Commercial Officer, Wilson Parking Australia

Coaching success packages

Here’s how to choose which coaching package is perfect for you

6 month starter package

If you have a specific project you’d like me to develop with you or are looking for strategies about how to kickstart your dreams, this could be a good starting point.

What you get: eight recorded Masterclasses (at least one per month) and six x 60 minute one on one coaching sessions (one per month).

Masterclasses available to you over the six months will include:

  • Getting clear on your most profitable consumer segment
  • Branding and brand story
  • Positioning your business and identifying your points of difference
  • Developing an awesome customer experience
  • Finding strategic, meaningful partnerships to grow your business
  • Building your email list
  • Creating your social media strategy
  • Low cost ways to promote your business

This package is perfect for goal-oriented small business owners and entrepreneurs in any industry. In this popular package, you’ll learn replicable templates and have your own mentor and accountability coach.

My six-month starter package is $3995 + GST if paid upfront, or $750 + GST per month.

      12 month starter package

      This package is tailored for people who are prepared to invest a year of time and money into editing their life dreams into reality. It involves a monthly private one-on-one 60 minute session with me. The first session is all about discovering and getting clear on you want to achieve. We agree on what we focus on—then we get busy for a year of hard work and homework that works.

      This package suits people who are about the long game and bold vision. They seek accountability, guidance and clarity. They are prepared to do the work to get real results to make meaningful change in their business and life.

      My 12-month mentoring package is $4995 + GST if paid upfront, or $495 + GST per month.

      12 month access-all-areas package


      This is a turbo-charged package which provides you access-all-areas to my programs and training, plus you get personal one-on-one sessions every month for a year.


      Every month we meet for 60 minutes to strategise about your individual business needs, navigate challenges and build towards guaranteed outcomes. We will set homework to action in-between sessions and expect me to hold you accountable for delivery also.


      You will get access to my library of Masterclasses enabling you to access those which are the greatest benefit to you. They could include:

      • How to get more media and build your profile
      • Securing meaningful, strategic partnerships
      • How to be a sought-after podcast guest and creating your podcast flyer
      • Using video marketing to grow awareness and build relationships
      • Creating a testimonial strategy to drive referrals
      • Building your Surprise and Delight strategy
      • Delivering an awesome customer experience
      • Identifying low cost marketing strategies to grow your business
      • Creating an impact partnership (aka Partnerships which benefit you and a greater community good)
      • How to use Social Media for maximum benefit and minimum input
      • Low cost strategies to grow your email list

      Program Access

      You will also get access to join my Six Week Partnership Mastery program which will teach you the exact expert strategies to harnessing the power of partnerships and collaborative marketing. Think of it as your blueprint as I guide you through my PARTNER protocol, the framework I have used for years to successfully identify and negotiate partnerships in my own business.  Over six weeks, I deliver six 60 minute Masterclasses and three Ask Me Anything sessions which are all recorded if you can’t make it. I provide you with templates, scripts and case studies so you can successfully apply the learnings and start pitching. I even include actual partnership pitches I’ve successfully used to grow achieve my business goals.

      This access-all-areas package is suited to business owners and entrepreneurs who want to want to make a step change in their business. They have already had some success and want even more via the no-nonsense replicable strategies that have built my own reach, revenue and recognition. They seek highly customised learnings with easy to follow instructions as well the goal setting and accountability coaching offers.

      My 12-month access-all-areas package is $8995 + GST if paid upfront, or $900 + GST each month.

      I thoroughly enjoyed working with Katrina who challenged me to think a little differently about our target audience and has provided me with some useful insights into customer behaviours, touch points and priorities within our category.Thanks Katrina for all your help.

      Deborah Clemens

      Respiratory Health Promoter, ENT Technologies

      Are you ready to take that next step and make meaningful change in your business?

      If so, I invite you to take some bold action and book a 30 minute call with me and let’s start exploring the magic we could create together. Book your call at a time convenient to you:

      Alternatively, reach out to me at katrina@katrinamccarter.com with any questions.

      Speak soon,

      If you’re looking for someone to really help you build your business, in a smart, strategic and practical way, having Katrina McCarter as your business coach is a very good move. I love recommending people to Katrina because they always get enormous value out of working with her.

      Andrew Griffiths

      Australia’s #1 Small Business Author, Global Speaker and Entrepreneurial Futurist