An experienced trainer delivering digital marketing programs for ADMA, I’ve been running my own successful programs since 2016. Warning: if you want the ease of one size fits all, no challenge involved, I’m not your trainer. I develop bespoke programs based on the needs of the organisation and the individuals involved. Coming next in 2023-24: PLAY and LIFT programs designed to get you out of your comfort zone and increase your results and happiness as a business owner and leader.




As adults, we’re so busy running businesses, raising kids, staying fit and madly building wealth that we’ve forgotten richness in life comes from being happy. From playing like we did as kids. From really getting that life, relationships and mental health are fragile, and that being alive means stepping outside of comfort zones and pushing hard for adventure. Getting serious about finding and having fun. When play is missing, your work and personal lives lack the energy and vulnerability which propels you forward to success. 


This year-long, fill up your cup, let down your hair program brings fun back, bigtime. It kicks off with a four day Biz Refuel in Noosa with daily coaching sessions and plenty of time for beach, walks, drinks, dinner. This is not a retreat – it’s an escape from the exhaustion and overwork of running a small biz while being expertly coached in creating strong work boundaries, looking at work flow for greater productivity, and reviewing biz models to identify new efficiencies to create more time for yourself to Play. We workshop how to bring Play into your everyday, with monthly Mentoring Circles to connect you to other biz owners.

Biz has become serious. We’ve forgotten to have fun. PLAY makes life lighter again.


One thing that should be clear to anyone who wants to boost their life in all areas—business, family, relationships, health—is that it won’t happen inside the safety of a comfort zone. Stepping out of it to extend capabilities and make authentic, lasting progress is where the good stuff is. Always. 



This year-long program is for anyone—biz owners, CEOs, mums—looking to boost growth in life and business, the person willing to challenge what they think they can do, push boundaries past current limits. It’s for those wanting to be more adventurous and find out what they’re really made of by stepping out of that comfort zone more often than not. In lifting, you’ll choose one areas of life you really want to conquer and we’ll go for it, culminating in a test turned celebration in the wilds of Tasmania. We don’t talk about uplevelling—that suggests you have a plateau, a top level. In Lift, you’ll find there are no limits. Ever.


Being a biz owner/entrepreneur is the ultimate test of our skills. Anyone who chooses to take the journey learns who they are and discovers the enormous freedom
to build a business and lifestyle which makes them truly fulfilled. 



This year-long program is for biz owners who want to restructure or refine their business. You might be seeking growth, flexibility, less responsibility, more creativity. We unpack your current business model and establish what’s working and what’s not. We focus on getting the basics right, plugging gaps and creating new opportunities.

Your expert coach and right hand wing woman’s experience across diverse industries will be your asset as we build your business profile and satisfaction.

Build kicks off with one full day in-person Melbourne event setting key objectives, understanding your biz and life plan and mapping out the blueprint. What else? You get 11 x 60 private coaching sessions, a quarterly review or Mentoring Circle with other Build biz owners – and the joy of building something spectacular and personal.


Playing the small probabilities and being bold allows us to create wonderful new possibilities for ourselves. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. Being bold is about having courage and showing bravery in everything you do. It’s about imagining something bigger for your life and biz. It’s the secret ingredient in everything I do in business and strive to do with my family, friends and future. That means taking on the world, and there’s no better place to do that than New York City. Since I was 16 and paid for my first holiday here I’ve been a NYC-ophile constantly on the lookout for unique experiences in this place. One of my earliest discoveries? That New York makes you see what is possible.


This three month program isn’t for businesses wanting to break into the US, it’s more about achieving a mindset shift about what’s possible in life and business. It’s about opening up your world in a place which celebrates boldness above all else.


A key ingredient to boosting our lives, businesses and success comes from giving and being generous with our time and talents. We need to be contributing to a better world. We need to do work which positively impacts our community, whether that’s local or global. Showing up in life as someone who is more than a passenger makes you a stronger, more impactful person which means your life and business will also be stronger and more impactful.



This small group (10 maximum) service trip to India, Central Australia or Cambodia sees biz owners doing physical work in a community that needs it most. It’s an opportunity to give back, to pay your knowledge and good fortune forward and do some good in the world—and let
yourself feel good about it. Having Impact is important, to you and others around
you (even if you haven’t met them yet.)


If you want to nail your partnerships once and for all, you’ve come to the right place.

Do you feel opportunities are passing you by? Without a proven framework and successful mentor to guide you, identifying and negotiating successful partnerships for your business may feel elusive.

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you don’t want to wait around for your success. You know the power of partnerships and want to nail successful partnerships once and for all. But things seem to get in the way.



Your six week Partnership Mastery program will teach you the exact expert strategies to harnessing the power of partnerships. Think of it as your partnership blueprint as I guide you through my PARTNER protocol, the framework I have used for years to successfully identify and negotiate partnerships in my own businesses.

I’ll share proven checklists, templates and scripts to get you started on negotiating your next partnership. You’ll feel confident and clear about how to best use partnerships in your business and have all the know how to do so.



My programs have results-driven and are designed specifically for what you need. Program content evolves constantly depending on the business challenges and hot topics of the time, and my experience in both a Fortune 100 company and my own small businesses gives me a broad perspective on people, profits and play.




“Katrina, I am deeply grateful for all that you have taught me through this program. I feel like I have a clear sense of direction about where I want to take things, and how to determine which opportunities are a good fit. I really appreciated how you held me to account and on track, with laser-like focus on what I needed to do to achieve my goals. And you taught me how to value my work, seeing possibilities and connections that I would never have recognised. I have been raving about this program to others in my networks because it has had such a profound effect on my work (and I will continue to)! ”

Sarah Prime, Social Entrepreneur and Rural Women of the Year

“I couldn’t recommend highly enough Katrina McCarter’s marketing programs. Whilst I had already been involved in this area for many years; the insights gained were invaluable. The framework presented – enveloped with rich practical examples – enables the participant to leave with a terrific, success-based system to readily implement. Significantly, the one-on-one sessions ensured a super personalised approach to meet your specific needs.” 

Ross Gage, CEO, Gymnastics Clubs Australia