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Need a speaker whose marketing keynotes deliver every time, to every audience? I’m an international award-winning speaker who’s shared the stage with Google, Facebook and Amazon in the US and Europe, and all over Australia for national clients like Nissan and NAB. I’ve delivered my proven, replicable marketing strategies and insights to thousands of corporates and small businesses.

My style? No tizz, all juice. Interactive.

I want everyone to know the strategies and secrets learned from my days running a $140 million team for a Fortune 100 company then building my own businesses so successfully I’m a five-time B&T women in Media Awards finalist (and one of Remodista’s Top 100 Women in Business disruptors.) Marketing teams and business owners, buckle up to hear actual practical insights and pathways to fabulous financial (and mindset) health. To drive sales and profits while loving life.

My mission? To inform, educate and entertain. To create real change in audiences’ minds and results. And yeah, I’m easy to work with. No diva behaviour, just straight up expertise and enthusiasm. Basically, I love speaking about marketing and I’m pretty damn good at it after decades of having a crack.


Want to rocket your success and visibility? I’m one of Australia’s only business coaches with a specialist marketing and research agency and a decade of experience. That means no outsourcing of research to other companies. You get me, every time. You save money and time. We get the results you want, with bespoke research, project consulting and strategies to grow your sales and profits.

In a nutshell, I understand the value of data backed insights to build a business. I undertake annual research looking at Australian consumer behaviour. I invest enormous amounts of time reading global research reports. Anything I recommend to you will be backed with data and evidence of success, not just be confected from buzz words and industry speak.

My mission? To help businesses create a successful marketing strategy to identify, convert and retain your ideal customer by the truckload. Think business assessments. Market research. Consumer insights. Project consulting. Strategy. Team training. This is how it works: I do a report or assessment to identify gaps and opportunities in your business. Then run a research project to identify your most profitable customer. I create a strategy to attract more of who you want, then consult and support you through the implementation phase. I’m a one stop consulting shop.


Is it time to invest in you? Coaching gives you one-on-one access to everything I’ve learned as a Fortune 100 company leader and successful entrepreneur with an MBA. We start with getting super clear on your objectives and all our work revolves around delivering those. We measure our success against that commercial focus.

Fact: coaching is a big time and money investment. What you’re buying from me is confidence as well as bespoke blueprints to hitting targets and smashing goals. I have a depth of knowledge and versatility most business coaches don’t. I’ve studied and built businesses for over three decades. And where I really shine is in marketing strategy, understanding your customer and in harnessing the power of partnerships and collaborations.

Oh, and I don’t sugar coat. I’m pragmatic, experienced, versatile.

My mission? As your coach, we’re in partnership together. I hold you accountable, support and guide you until you have absolute clarity, outrageous confidence and true commercial outcomes.


What will you get from my programs? I’m an experienced trainer who delivers marketing programs for national body ADMA and have been running my own successful programs since 2016. Warning: if you want the ease of one size fits all, park the challenges at the door, I am not your trainer. I develop bespoke programs based on the needs of the organisation and individuals involved. You don’t get someone else’s reheated leftovers.

My programs are results-driven and designed specifically for what you need. Program content evolves constantly depending on the business challenges and hot topics of the time.

My mission? To get you out of your comfort zone and increase your results (and happiness) as a business owner and leader.