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On stage, my goal is to share with business owners and marketing teams practical insights and pathways to fabulous financial and mindset health. To drive sales and profits while loving life.

My mission? To inform, educate and entertain. To create real change in audiences’ minds and results.

I’m an international award-winning speaker who has shared the stage with the likes of Google, Facebook and Amazon in New York and Paris as well as all over Australia. I’ve delivered my proven, replicable strategies and insights to thousands of people, earning a reputation for being easy to work with, having great delivery style, interacting with audiences and working easily across small business and corporate industries. In the words of Nan McCann, Producer of Marketing to Moms in New York, “On the page or on the stage, Katrina always delivers.”

some of my 2023 speaker topics


Harvard Business Review and New York Times agree play is being taken seriously these days by global businesses. Its benefits include increased productivity, improved brain functionality and stimulated creativity. Author, entrepreneur and international award-winning speaker Katrina McCarter tells why it’s time to redefine the concept of play in life and business and shares how being more playful and adventurous leads to greater happiness and success. Yep, time to crack out the Lego, dance in your undies and cruise the ‘hood on your dragstar.


After a year when her long marriage ended, a relative suicided and a child suffered severe mental health problems, Katrina McCarter found herself with a new challenge almost by accident—having to tackle a famous walk meant only for elite hikers. But the author, speaker and entrepreneur’s six days on the Larapinta Trail transformed her world and business in the most unexpected ways. Katrina shares lessons for teams and individuals about how being in the desert with nothing meant everything, and brought great perspective and new life to everything she does.


Mums are the powerhouse of the Australian economy and they’re responsible for more than 80% of consumer spending. How well do you know them? Drawing on the latest research from Marketing to Mums, highly respected industry expert and best-selling author, Katrina McCarter, will help you navigate through the potential pitfalls of selling your products and services to mums. Katrina offers practical solutions for marketers to differentiate your message to successfully engage with Mums. You’ll gain an important commercial advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace by developing a deeper understanding of what Australian Mums want from brands.


Your success over the coming decade will be determined by your ability to form deep, meaningful connections with different generations of consumers. What will consumers respond to? How does your business connect with what consumers really want? Future proof your business by understanding how to market your business to attract, engage and build meaningful relationships with customers no matter what their age or stage of life. In this forward thinking workshop, award-winning marketer will deep dive into the key characteristics, behaviours, motivations and communication preferences of each of the six generations – Alpha, Gen Z, Gen Y (Millennials), Gen X, Baby Boomers and Seniors. Drawing on research and her own generational expertise, you’ll learn how to reach the right people, on the right channel, at the right time using the right language. You’ll walk away with a clear understanding of how to deeply connect with each generation of consumer and learn how your business might need to adapt its marketing, both now and in the future. 

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I’m a double threat. Book me for an event or conference, and I can do a keynote then run a workshop or sit on a panel. On the spot. I can cover multiple topics, saving you on flights and admin and creating the opportunity for the audience to build trust throughout the conference with one speaker who takes them on different journeys.



some of the clients i have worked with


“Katrina delivered a highlight presentation to almost 500 delegates at our Look Forward Conference in October, educating our audience of optometrists and their teams to better understand Gen Y and Gen Z in order to attract, engage and delight these future eyecare consumers. As always, Katrina’s delivery landed perfectly. She managed to simplify complex ideas through an easy to follow structure, providing practical strategies and advice for implementation now and in the future. This keynote attracted a 5 star rating from attendees and as a result of the interest in this topic, we have scheduled full day generational marketing face to face education sessions for our members with Katrina in 2023.”


Sarah O’Connor, Marketing Manager, Provision

“We have been fortunate to feature Katrina McCarter on our M2Moms®-Marketing to Moms program for the past 3 years. Founded in 2005, M2Moms® is the only executive learning event in the world that specializes in helping brands deliver better business results with today’s mom & family consumers. Katrina is one of the leading voices in the world on this topic. She is a global expert whose passion and prowess is boundless and borderless. Katrina has a signature style of speaking that is smart, clear, logical and action oriented. Katrina uses case study examples that help us understand immediately how the keys she teaches can be applied to produce positive results. Her new book, The Mother Of All Opportunities: A strategy for a decade of growth, profits and market share gains, is a must-read for all mom-brand businesses. On the page or on the stage, Katrina McCarter never disappoints. She’s got the goods.”

Nan McCann Co-Founder & Producer M2Moms®-The Marketing to Moms Conference M2W®-The Marketing to Women Conference 

“Wow. It is rare you get to work with someone who is not just engaging but knows her stuff and knows it well. What stood out for me were two things.
1. the amount of research and time Katrina put into tailoring her presentation for the client.
2. Her innate and uncanny ability to make the complex simple and articulate it clearly and concisely.
Don’t hesitate, just book her.”

Nigel Collin, Keynote Speaker, Emcee and Facilitator

“Katrina ROCKED our stage. In less than 5 minutes she had 350 people in rapturous applause! What more could I ask for?”

Glen Carlson, Dent Global 

“I had the pleasure on programming Katrina into the content for ad:tech Sydney and I am really pleased I did. Her delivery was polished and insightful. In a world where technology is personalising everything around us, it is important that marketers think about different segments deeply and clearly.”

Ryf Quail, Content Director, ad:tech Sydney

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